Advanced Elements Packlite Foot Pump

Advanced Elements Packlite Foot Pump

Advanced Elements Packlite Foot Pump

Light weight foot pump made by Advanced Elements for their inflatable kayaks.

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Compact foot pump from Advanced Elements for their Packlite kayak. Best used with the Inline Pressure Gauge to avoid over inflating your kayak.

  • Single action.
  • Volume: to be confirmed. 
  • Adaptors to fit all valves including "twist lock" valves.
  • Complete with universal valve adaptors.
  • Dimensions: 26cm x 23cm x 8cm. 
  • Packs flat with securing string.
  • Weight: approx. 0.4kg.
  • Not suitable for models with DropStitch floors or the Airfusion Elite (where higher pressures are required).
  • Note: Due to the size of this pump, the output volume for this pump quite low, so it will take longer to inflate your kayak than when using a larger pump.
  • Useful as a backup pump to top up your kayak en route.
  • This pump does not have the correct adaptors for the Packlite kayak, dropstitch floors or the Airfusion Evo.

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