WindPaddle Scout Sail

WindPaddle Scout Sail

WindPaddle Scout Sail

The WindPaddle Scout Sail is a self launching, self standing sail that stows either on-deck or below in a small coiled/folded package that is 1/8th of its original size.

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The WindPaddle Scout is the "entry-level" sail from WindPaddle. It is the same size as the Adventure model, but is intened for 4-15 knot winds. The WindPaddle Scout Sail is a flexible and forgiving sail made of 1/2 oz. rip-stop polyester "spinnaker" sailcloth supported by a virtually unbreakable perimeter batten. From recreational day touring, kayak fishing to expedition sea kayaking, the WindPaddle is your sail of choice.


  • Target wind range: 4-15 knots.
  • Full width "window".
  • Deployed diameter: 106.7cm (42").
  • Coiled/folded diameter: 36cm (14").
  • Sail area: 9.60 sq. ft. (0.89sq. m).
  • Weight: 340g.
  • Colours: Red/White, Blue/White and Yellow/White.

WindPaddle (Adventure) Review in Wavelength Magazine (January 2008) :

  • "...The WindPaddle...solves many of the problems associated with kayak sails - the bulk, the hassles of foredeck storage, the overbig presence - in a unique way."
  • "Because the WindPaddle's mast is made of flexible plastic, it has great tolerance for you never lose control of the sail."
  • "This is a sail that will last as long as its owner..."

View full article (pdf format -243kb).


WindPaddle (Adventure) Review in (Sept 2008):

  • "...Windpaddle is really quite innovative in its simplicity. You'll have it out of the pack and be on your way in just minutes. The Adventure model is lightweight, only about 13oz and comes rolled up into a 15 inch disc that you can easily stow on your deck. Fully deployed its 42" in diameter and tugs you along quite well. I still have a lot to learn about maneuvering a craft under sail, but I'm certainly inspired to take more time to learn how. One thing I did realize is that there is something wonderful about cruising silently along under the power of a warm summer breeze."...

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