A new kayak - the AirTraveller2!

All main models are currently in stock except for kayaks listed below.

Shipping dates for these models are:

Late Jan 2022

  • AdvancedFrame Convertible (red)

Early March 2022

  • AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite kayak (blue)
  • StraightEdge2 Pro

Early April 2022

  • AvancedFrame Elite kayak (red)
  • AdvancedFrame Elite kayak (blue)

Date to be Confirmed

  • Evolution 1 kayak

How To Secure A Kayak

  1. Email or complete the enquiry form letting Nick at Vortex know the exact kayak model (& colour) you are interested in.
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  3. Keep an eye on the website homepage for any changes/updates to the stock arrival dates. Please don't email for updates. They will be on the website.
  4. Once I have notification that stock arrival is imminent, I'll email you requesting you make a purchase to secure your order. If you want your kayak you will need to be prompt doing this.
  5. Stock availability & shipping dates very fluid at the moment. I will do my best to secure stock for your order - but I can't guarantee any stock or any shipping dates until I have kayaks & accessories here in the UK.

The new Advanced Elements AirTraveller2 tandem kayak as arrived in the UK. There's very little information about this new model on the internet - so here are the first observations.

The AirTraveller2 is perfect if you want a touring kayak that is equally happy paddled tandem as solo.

Paddled solo, you can paddle the Airtraveller2 "open" (no upper deck), or you can zip in the upper deck to provide an enclosed cockpit. There is loads of storage space both behind the paddler & at the front, beyond the adjustable foot bar, plus plenty of bungee for "on deck" storage.

Paddled tandem, you need to unzip the upper deck & re-position the seats. There is still plenty of leg space for paddlers - easily accommodating my 34" inside leg + size 11 feet! When paddled tandem, below deck storage space is reduced to room for a small dry bag behind the rear paddler, plus storage under the deck bungees & soft items in a dry bag between your knees.

Good to see the usual excellent build quality on this model & use of Advanced Elements' standard "heavy duty" materials that make these kayaks just last & last.

The kayak is supplied with a foam floor, but this kayak will excel if fitted with the high pressure (4 - 6psi) Drop Stitch Floor. It's worth trying the kayak first to see how you get on & if you need more performance, the Drop Stitch Floor or the Backbone can be purchased later.

The AirTraveller2 kayak is going to be hugely popular, and might beat the Convertible to be come Vortex's best seller! It's cheaper than the Convertible, lighter, packs away smaller and allows for easier solo paddling. It's available in a blue diamond effect / rip stop fabric - it looks just absolutely fabulous!

A new kayak - the AirTraveller2!

Date: 25/07/17