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Vortex has resumed shipping, but stock is limited.

Carefully checked kayaks & accessories that have been returned. Sold with a discount.

Ortleib XL Map Case
[Ortleib800028D19] Courier Pack

Ortleib XL Map Case£19.99 Stock Low

Find your bearings! The transparent map case protects your maps from moisture, mud, dirt and UV-light. Ideal for hiking, paragliding, canoeing or biking - your map is kept dry and readable from both sides. It may be carried around your neck or secured to your rucsac.

Open Boxed/Return Expedition Drop Stitch Floor

Open Boxed/Return Expedition Drop Stitch Floor£157.50 Stock Low

Open Boxed Advanced Elements Expedition high pressure Drop Stitch floor.

Advanced Elements Funk Bag
[AE3504] Parcel

Advanced Elements Funk Bag£34.99 Out of stock

Funk Bag for Advanced Elements canoes and kayaks.

Open Boxed - Advanced Elements StashPak 20l
[AE3507] Courier Pack

Open Boxed - Advanced Elements StashPak 20l£24.00 Stock Low

Open Boxed - 20l StashPak for Advanced Elements canoes & kayaks.

TNP Paddle Bag Long
[PB2.0TNP] Mail Pack

TNP Paddle Bag Long£8.50 Stock OK

Paddle bag for 2 & 3 piece paddles.