Kayak Reassembly Tip!

To speed up drying time, you can dismantle your kayak (remove the main badder). This tip will make reassembly a breeze.

To separate the the main inner tube from the outer cover turn the locking ring at the back of the kayak anti-clockwise to undo it.

Pull out the inner tube. When dry, ensure the aluminium ribs are correctly placed on the end of the bladder before inserting back in to the kayak.

The difficult bit is getting the locking ring back on! So to help......

 1) Pass your pump hose through the locking ring.

 2) Now attach the screw thread adaptor to the hose.

 3) Screw the screw thread adaptor on to the boston valve.

 4) You can now pull the valve up though the layers of the kayak fabric to ensure the locking ring can be positioned & tightened.

 5) Drop the locking ring down on to the thread & tighten (turn locking ring clockwise) while pulling the adpator upwards.

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