Advanced Elements in Indonesia

Advanced Elements ExpeditionIn January this year John Shipton took an Advanced Elements Expedition kayak to Indonesia. It packed neatly away with paddle and pump in a 25kg bag and with a weight allowance at 30kg it was OK for taking on the flights out from the UK.

The idea came about after three successive journeys in East Indonesia through Sulawesi, and then the Moluccas the fabled Spice islands, first North Maluku with its string of volcanoes and myriad of coral rimmed islands, and then Central Maluku Ambon and Seram. This year John looked further east, and the islands of Raja Ampat off the very north west coast of New Guinea looked perfect for the venture.

John said "As a means of travel the kayak was superb with much of the coast uninhabited and endless untouched pristine beaches to rest on backed by virgin rainforest teeming with wildlife.  Floating over the coral was magical, and stopping at the few villages great fun with people who were always friendly and pleased to talk to a traveller and especially an eccentric one with his own pirau.*"


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