Pictures of Your Adventures!

Don't forget to email me pictures of your adventures in your new kayak. Would be great to put them on the website! Bob kindly emailed some feedback of his new Lagoon 2 kayak:

"Just to say after our first real trip in the kayak you sold us at Christmas we're delighted!

We stayed at Gruinard Bay, north of Gairloch in Wester Ross, for a week and had two trips along the coast with friends. They had an inflatable Yak kayak but the Advanced Elements one is definitely a much better piece of kit.

My wife was completely happy with the front seat and we learnt how far the tide goes out! The week we were there there was a 5.3 metre rise and fall in the tide, so with such a flat sandy beach as Gruinard we had a long carry back as the tide had dropped a lot.

It was brilliant being able to get in close to the rocky bits with little inlets to secret tiny coves, and the seals and mergansers and even divers didn't bother much about us. We hope to do a lot more soon but next will be lochs".

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