AdvancedFrame on the Broads

When outdoors and adventure travel journalist Clive Tully decided to start writing about paddling on his home patch of the Norfolk Broads, it was from the starting point of someone living in a second floor flat, and driving one of those cute little two-seater Smart cars. So the only option for him was an inflatable. His first craft was a two-seater canoe - not a bad first step, but the tracking wasn't particularly good, and it had a tendency to catch the wind, particularly so when Clive was paddling solo.

So he graduated to an Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame kayak. "I'm particularly interested in extending possibilities for getting out onto the Broads," says Clive. "For example, choosing to do sunset cruises after the hire craft have moored up for the evening means I get more water to myself! The AdvancedFrame performs really well in the kind of wind conditions which I wouldn't even contemplate going out in with the other canoe, and with almost hard shell tracking, I feel as though more of my energy is going into propelling me forwards rather than correcting oversteers!"

As it is, the holiday hire craft season is pretty much at an end, but Clive will continue paddling through the autumn and winter. "Some of the Broads waterways positively heave with boats in the summer," he says. "I just love being on those same waterways when they're totally deserted, and the AdvancedFrame is for me the ideal kayak to get me out there."

Clive has written a number of books available on Amazon Kindle, including:

The Broads - A unique National Park, which explains how the Broads were formed, their wildlife, and recreational possibilities.

One of our Balloons is Missing, a collection of interesting and amusing travel stories from Clive's long career travelling the world.

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