Grand Union Canal Trip Report: 102 miles & 107 locks!

Read Ryan's trip report of a 5 day journey down the Grand Union Canal on an Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak with his friend, Nathan. A great challenge given the number of locks to navigate & the difficulties encountered.

Ryan summed the trip up...."It had been a tough journey, both mentally and physically. The journey had at times been more of a weight lifting challenge rather than a paddling one but somehow we got through it. We had seen the world in which we live in a different light. Nathan had been a great paddling companion and I certainly could not have completed this trip without him."

Adding " I was really impressed with my Advanced Frame kayak, both its rigid shape which made it cut through the water easily and its toughness. I paddled it comfortably for a long distance, carried heavy gear in it, dragged it, bashed it against the canal walls and not once did it show any signs of failing. A brilliant kayak!"

Huge thanks to Ryan for his great report which he hopes that "if it inspires just one person who reads it to get out of their arm chair and into a kayak then the effort would have been worth it!". Thanks Ryan!

Download Ryan's Trip Report (pdf format).

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