Airfusion Elite Sea Trail

At last, a chance to try out the brand new Airfusion Elite on a beautiful blue sky, June day for a paddle around Llanddwyn Island.

Set up of the Airfusion Elite is faster, as at the front of the kayak, the larger zip allows for much easier access to connect poles together. At the rear of the kayak, access is via the handy rear storage hatch.

After around 20 minutes, the Elite was ready & loaded up with gear (spare paddles, lunch & water) & secured to the Advanced Elements wheeled kayak kart for the walk down to the beach. It was my first trial out with the Advanced Elements kart & it made for much easier progress though the dunes. The wheels can be easily removed & the kart was stored on the front deck along with a spare 4 part paddle for the duration of my trip.

Setting off in to a light head wind across the bay away from the crowds on the beach, I was able to get in to a nice steady rhythm and I left the crowds long behind covering the bay with ease.

Slowing down to explore the rocks & coves of the island, to my surprise just a few feet away popped up, as is customary for Llandwyn, the whiskered face of a seal! It promptly dived & was not seen again.

Amid crystal clear waters, hugging the rocks as I tentatively crossed under the lines of anglers, I emerged from the quiet shelter of the leeside of the island in to progressively choppier waters. With a careful assessment of conditions before committing, I rounded the island with skeg down before diving between the rocks in to a beautiful calm bay for coffee & a sandwich.

Onward again, round to the causeway. As the tide was low, a quick carry across the sand was needed before the putting in again for the next leg. A leisurely downwind mile paddle to re-join the now swollen crowds, enjoying the beautiful sunshine on the beach.

Packing away was swift & I must remember to wrap an elastic band around the sleeve that joins the floor poles together, as it was difficult to shift with wet hands!

Once home, a quick hose down to wash off the salt water, the Airfusion Elite is now packed away ready, with skeg still attached awaiting its next adventure.

A great kayak! I am confident that customers will really like this new model.

[Stats: Distance: 6.3km (3.9 miles). Duration: 1hr 40 min. Top speed 7km/hr (4.3miles/hr)].

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