Advanced Elements supports 2012 Timmiarmiut, Greenland Expedition

In the summer of 2012, Matt Traver, Mike Royer, Steve Beckwith, and Matt Bunn will explore the unclimbed walls rising abruptly from the fjords surrounding Tingmiarmit, a small island along Greenland's southeast coast. Hundreds of kilometers from the nearest civilization, the international team will explore the region and pursue first ascents of enticing peaks.

A three day journey by boat from Tasiilaq/Kulusuk will allow them to reach the upper NE branch of Timmiarmiut Fjord and set up base camp. From here they will spend up to three weeks completing a number of first ascents on the numerous virgin walls, ridges and spires that grace this unspoilt Arctic landscape.

For harder to reach areas (such as across fjords) they will utilise an Advanced Elements Convertible kayak in order to access various objectives, explore the area and travel within the fjords.

Image courtesy of Lars Lund Sorensen.

Update Dec 2012.........

Great news, Matt & the team have just safely returned to the UK. 

Regrettably our Advanced Elements Convertible, shipped by TNT to Greenland failed to arrive in time for their departure....arriving 7 weeks late on a 5 day delivery service!

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