Advanced Elements Supports Aberystwyth University's Greenland Ice Sheet Expedition

"The Aberystwyth University Greenland Ice Sheet team are delighted to be using two Advanced Elements Expedition kayaks in our 2012/13 overwintering expedition to NW Greenland. We hope the boats will give us increased flexibility of movement amongst the brash ice in the fjords in which we will be conducting our research. Kayaks are well proven in these environments and will be used when it is impractical to launch the vessel's rib. The advantage of the Advanced Element kayaks is that they can be packed down and stored within the 50 ft sailing vessel that is departing from Wales. This reduces the amount that has to be stored above deck and is preferable during the Atlantic crossing. We believe the kayaks will come into their own on multi-day excursions away from the expedition boat."

More information on the Aberystwyth University's Greenland Ice Sheet Expedition.

Image courtesy Nick Cobbing / Greenpeace.

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