Well Done Team Laws: 7hrs 31 mins!

In May we sent down an Advanced Elements Lagoon for Ben Laws to use for his plan to complete a half ironman race at Emberton Country Park on 4th July. The race is now finished and a huge "Well Done" to Team LawsBen, who completed the half ironman race.

Ben swam the 1.2 miles followed by a 56 mile bike and finally a 13.1 mile run - towing, pulling and pushing his son Ewan, who has cerebral palsy all the way. A truly heroic effort!

Ben said that he was amazed at how many people asked about the (Lagoon) kayak. "People were looking at it - we left it inflated after I got out of the water - people were sitting it in - touching it, lifting it up- it caused quite a stir. The main talking points were:

1) How light and easily inflated it was.
2) How stable on the water it was.
3) Where could I get one and how much!!!

So it went very well. We have been asked a million times when the next race was - we raised over £4000 for charity which is excellent but the attention we got was amazing."

See the Team Laws website & it would be great if you can help support Ben with fundraising for his 3 chosen charities. The image shows Ewan's big sister (Olivia) during a training session.

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