New Lagoon Kayak

DragonFly XCReplacing the DragonFly XC, Advanced Elements have released the Lagoon.

Packed away in its bag it looks very compact, so certainly no problems to keep it permanently in the car. It looks like this summer the Lagoon will get lots of use!

Unpacked, yes, very nice! Certainly not a cheap inflatable from the garage. The finish is very smart, with top deck bungee, paddle ties and the zip on the deck top mesh pocket even has a compass "zip pull". Advanced Elements really do pay attention to every detail.

The Lagoon is easy to inflate in just a couple of minutes. Remember to check that the foam floor protector is centred, and to turn the valves to the "inflate position" before starting to pump up.

Like on the 2008 DragonFly XC that preceded it, both of the inflation valves are now very conveniently located on the top surface of the kayak, behind the paddler. On inflation, the Lagoon feels very rigid, yet light enough to pick up to move to the water's edge.

So what is it like on the water? Well, importantly it tracks straight, the small skeg at the rear really helps. It is a delight to turn, it is actually quite nimble.

Stability is excellent, it will be very confidence inspiring for first timers. No problem to secure the paddle to the deck ties to stop & take some pictures while you are out on the water.

I liked the inflatable seat, very comfortable, it will also ensure that your "behind" stays dry, as it raises you off the kayak floor.

Packing away is simple, switch the valves to "deflate" and fold in the sides of the Lagoon. Then fold in the two ends, and then again in half, & it easily slips in to the carry bag in 30 seconds flat!

The instruction manual is clearly written & for those that don't "do manuals", don't worry, it is all pretty straight forward.

Stock of the Lagoon will be available this Spring. Looks like Advanced Elements have come up with another winner!

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