Touring Sprayskirt

Touring Sprayskirt

Touring Sprayskirt for the Advanced Frame range of kayak.

Touring Sprayskirt
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For Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish Islands, N. Ireland & international destinations:

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Product Details

Keep dry with a sprayskirt.

  • Heavier fabric than the Packlite sprayskirt.
  • Shoulder straps allowing you to walk when wearing.
  • Cord grips to secure.

Suitable For

  • DragonFly XC, DragonFly2 XC.
  • Lagoon and Lagoon 2.
  • Advanced Frame.
  • Expedition, Expedition Tandem & Expedition Elite.
  • Convertible & Convertible Elite.
  • Airfusion, Airfusion Elite & Airfusion Evo.


  • The AdvancedFrame Sport and AdvancedFrame Ultralight kayak models do not accept sprayskirts.