Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor

Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor

Advanced Elements high pressure Drop Stitch floor.

Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor

AdvancedFrame, Sport, Ultralight £170.00 Out of stock
Expedition, Airtravelller 2, Lagoon 2 £220.00 Stock OK
Convertible £255.00 Out of stock

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Product Details

Light weight, high pressure drop stitch floor to replace the standard inflatable floor on the non-Elite models of the AdvancedFrame, Expedition & Convertible and the Sport. Also fits the Ultralite kayak.


  • Military spring-loaded valve.
  • 4-6psi drop stitch construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Supplied with Advanced Elements pump adapter (for use with an Advanced Elements pump).


  • AdvancedFrame/Sport/Ultralight: 1.7kg.
  • Expedition, AirTraveller 2 & Lagoon 2: 2.6kg.
  • Convertible: 3.4kg.


  • AdvancedFrame/Sport/Ultralight: 170cm.
  • Expedition, AirTraveller 2, Lagoon 2: 261cm.
  • Convertible: 305cm.

Compare Backbone & Dropstitch Floor:


+ve: Cheaper. Achieves a "v-shape" hull. Very rigid.

-ve: An extra component to fit when inflating. Needs to be positioned correctly.

Dropstitch Floor:

+ve: Slight weight saving. Simple to fit. Durability - less chance of damage than a regular floor due to over-inflation (if not fitteed with a pressure release valve). Feels more secure if stepping down in to your kayak from e.g. a yacht, launch, canal bank or mooring.

-ve: Price. Can be bit hard on your bottom & heels. Does not achieve a "v-shape" hull. An extra adapter is required for your pump (supplied with the floor & Advanced Elements hand pump).

Dropstitch Floor FAQ:

Q. Does it sit on top of the standard, low pressure (1psi) floor?
A. No, it replaces the standard floor.

Q. Why is there a small "bubble" opposite side to the floor inflation point?
A. Internally, the structure of a dropstitch floor is composed of 1000s & 1000s of small threads extruded back & forth between the fabric. Of course, where the inflation point is, there are no threads, so you get a small raised area; a "bubble". This is perfectly normal & doesn't affect the performance or guarantee.

Q. Which is best dropstitch floor or backbone?
A. They both impove handling, but have advantages/disadvantages (see above)!

Product Manual

Download Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor Manual [size: 3 MB]

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