Advanced Elements Backbone

Advanced Elements Backbone

The Backbone is a bow-to-stern frame for the AdvancedFrame inflatable kayaks. Rigidity and performance is enhanced. Separate sections allow for compact storage.

Advanced Elements Backbone
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Advanced Frame/Sport £70.00 Out of stock
Lagoon2/AirTraveller2 £82.00 Stock OK
Expedition £90.00 Stock Low
Convertible £99.00 Stock Low

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Product Details

The Backbone is a bow-to-stern frame for the Advanced Frame inflatable kayak range. It fits under the floor & rigidity and performance is enhanced. Separate sections allow for compact storage.


  • Aluminium shaft with foam cover.
  • Strong plastic ends (which fit under the inner tube at front/end of kayak).
  • Colour: Black.

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Advanced Frame/Sport/Ultralight: 72cm x 19cm x 11cm.
  • AirTraveller2/Lagoon2: 83cm x 18cm x 12cm.
  • Expedition: 84cm x 19cm x 12cm.
  • Convertible: 91cm x 19cm x12cm.

Shipping Weights:

  • AdvancedFrame/Sport/Ultralight: 1.7 kg.
  • Airtraveller2/Lagoon2: 2kg.
  • Expedition: 2.2 kg
  • Convertible: 2.4 kg.

Backbone FAQS:

Q. Do I need a backbone for my kayak?
A. No, Advanced Elements kayaks perform very well without a backbone installed. They are useful if you are up at the top of the weight range of the kayak (due to lots of gear or just being a heavy paddler), are pushing the kayak in to more demanding conditions (choppier water or bigger swell) or you want to "eek" out a little more performance from your kayak.

Q. Can I use the backbone in combination with a dropstitch floor?
A. Advanced Elements advise you not to, stating that you risk damaging the floor or the outer cover of your kayak (which won't be covered by the guarantee). You will see users on the USA support forum reporting great results using both & UK customers have been using both without problems. So the answer is yes, at your own risk.

Q. What does the backbone do?
A. It adds rigidity down the length of the kayak & creates a "V" shape to the hull, enhancing paddling efficiency & speed.

Q. How can I check that I've fitted the backbone correctly?
A. If you turn your kayak upside down, you can check if the "V" shape created by the backbone lines up with the landing plate (at the front of the kayak) & the skeg (at the rear).

Q. The backbone isn't straight, how do I ensure it is centered?
A. With the kayak deflated, remove the floor section of your kayak. With a tape measure, find the centre of the kayak and with a permanent marker pen and make a small mark inside your kayak at the front, middle & rear. You can then use these marks to very quickly centre the backbone when fitting.

Q. Does the backbone break down for storage/transportation?
A. Yes, into 4 pieces for the AdvancedFrame & Expedition and into 5 pieces for the Convertible.

Q. With the backbone fitted on my Convertible, the floor is too long to fit correctly. What do I do?
A. Just fold over the end. See the installation video on YouTube.

Q. The backbone appears to be too short. Is there a piece missing?
A. Check you have the correct backbone for your model. Then read the instruction sheet (again) & look at the image showing where the backbone "sits" when fitted. It doesn't run the full length of the kayak. The scoops at the end of the backbone, just sit under the inside edge of the innertube (like a cupped hand).

Q. Which is best dropstitch floor or backbone?
A. They both impove handling, but have advantages/disadvantages (see below)!

Compare Backbone & Dropstitch Floor:


+ve: Cheaper. Achieves a "v-shape" hull. Very rigid.

-ve: An extra component to fit when inflating. Needs to be positioned correctly.

Dropstitch Floor:

+ve: Slight weight saving. Simple to fit. Durability - less chance of damage than a regular floor due to over-inflation (if not fitteed with a pressure release valve). Feels more secure if stepping down in to your kayak from e.g. a yacht, launch, canal bank or mooring.

-ve: Price. Can be bit hard on your bottom & heels. Does not achieve a "v-shape" hull. An extra adapter is required for your pump (supplied with the floor & Advanced Elements hand pump).

Product Manual

Download Advanced Elements Backbone Manual [size: 708 kB]

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