Ortleib Drink System

Ortleib Drink System NEW PRODUCT!

Ortleib Drink System

A lightweight handy alternative to plastic or aluminium bottles.

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A lightweight alternative to plastic or aluminium bottles. The compact Ortleib drink system water bag features straps for fixing to a backpack, and is made of tear-resistant and watertight fabric. Food grade coating on the inside ensures safe transport of your water. Available in 3 versions: 2l, 4l and 10l. Can be easily fixed to your kayak upper deck bungees or to a branch or vehicle thanks to the two handles with buckles.


  • Handy alternative to aluminum or plastic bottles or containers.
  • Can be rolled or folded into a small package when not used.
  • Can be used as pillow to sit on or for your head (fill with water or air).
  • Can be used as diving buoy when filled with air.
  • Only suitable for storage or transport of water.
  • Note: Do not store water longer than required, do not fill with boiling water (maximum temperature 60 degree C / 140 degree F).
  • Can be combined with outdoor hand filters for water purification (e.g. Katadyn, MSR).
  • Supplied with the Ortlieb drinking tube.
  • The 2l bag has a strap that can be worn around your waist or fixed to your kayak.
  • The 4l & 10l bags have 2 handles with buckles e.g. for fixation to your kayak.
  • Ortleib water bags come with a valve and dust cap.

Drink Tube:

The drinking tube transforms your Water Bag or Water Belt into a drink system. Simply remover the valve, insert tube into water container, screw valve back on. The tube is over 80cm long and features a lockable bite-valve and one screw cap. The tube features a valve inside the cap for pressure compensation inside the water bag and a mouthpiece that can be taken apart for hygienic cleaning.



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