Advanced Elements Full Carbon 4 Part Kayak Paddle

Advanced Elements Full Carbon 4 Part Kayak Paddle

Advanced Elements Full Carbon 4 Part Kayak Paddle

Extremely light, four part asymmetric full carbon touring paddle with adjustable feather. Carbon blade & shaft.

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An extremely light weight, four part asymmetric paddle with adjustable blade angle, carbon shaft and blades.

  • Total length: 230cm.
  • Lightweight, durable carbon shaft & blades.
  • Asymmetric blades for touring use.
  • Adjustable feather angle: 60.
  • Weight: 0.85kg.
  • Paddle breaks down into 4 sections for easy storage.
  • Packable length: 70cm.
  • Floats for easy retrieval.
  • Paddle colour: Black.

See Help Page "Choosing A Paddle".



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